About this website

Brother Finnian wanted to help Christians discover the joy of praying the Holy Rosary, so he created his own version of the Scriptural Rosary, using Bible verses to illuminate each of the mysteries. He especially wanted to make the resource easily available to Anglicans who may not be as familiar with traditional Catholic ways of praying – and so this website was born, allowing anyone to use the prayers on their own or with others from their church or parish.

But more than that, recognising the number of different languages spoken by people coming to live in the UK, Finnian wanted to make the Scriptural Rosary available in as many languages as possible. We will therefore be adding these as we are able. Please let us know if you are able and willing to share your translation skills for this project.

Although the Holy Rosary began as a Roman Catholic practice some 800 years ago, and Brother Finnian is an Anglican Franciscan friar, these are prayers that Christians of any tradition can learn to pray and benefit from.

You are free to download and print copies of the Scriptural Rosary and the other materials made available here. There will eventually be a way to contribute financially towards costs, but donating will be optional.

Prayingwithjesus.co.uk is designed and maintained by David Kernick, who is based in the UK.